Nodes Commissioning (Power, UPS, UTP, PBX, …)

Network cabling is not the most exciting topics, but bad cabling can lead to a host of problems, including a slow network and downtime.

Businesses running a slow network will be less productive, and staff may fight against constant bottlenecks in the system in order to do their jobs. The constant frustration may even cause some to leave.

Check out our cabling related services below:

Testing [UTP & Fiber Optics]

Whether you are installing new cables, or troubleshooting existing ones, cable testing plays an important role in the process.

  • Get a more detailed report on how your cables are wired/ paired.
  • See all faults and settings’ info displayed textually and graphically.
  • Determine if the fault lies at the near or remote end of the cable, or if it’s somewhere in between.
  • Determine the distance to the fault and determine the length of the cable being tested.
  • Verify performance from workstation to patch panel.
Cabling Infrastructure

Well-structured network cabinets are essential for reducing down-time and improving scalability.

  • Organized Network Cabinets
  • Shelves, panels, drawers, rack fans, KVM Switches, open racks, cables, etc.
  • PBX Cabling (Analogue/IP)
  • CCTV Infrastructure (Analogue/IP)
Wall Sockets

Installing the right wall sockets or network points and pulling the cables through is one thing, and delivering a well captioned solution is another. Our team will make sure to use color coding, patch panels, and cable termination numbering so that you may easily identify the source of each network cable and the source of each power socket. These tiny details will make all the difference.

You can also ask for our expert fiber optic deployment services, for highest bandwidth over long distance, and no speed limits.

UPS Solutions

You can count on our team to design and install the optimal power backup solution to ensure your business maintains a steady flow of energy in the most critical circumstances. An optimal UPS solution also requires battery room safety issues like temperature control, fire compartmentalization, detection and suppression. Last but not least, a power source correct planning should not overlook precise grounding for EDL, Generator and UPS sources.

The hardware:
  • Ups systems 1KVA-200KVA
  • Single or 3 phases
  • Batteries (all categories & sizes)
  • Racks for batteries & UPSs
  • Redundant power sources
  • SNMP function
Server Room Raised Floor

Raised floors are the hallmark of a state of the art server room for they guarantee:

  • Optimal distribution of conditioned cold air
  • Effective cable tracking and power distribution
  • Easy access to cabinets and other in-room installations without risking any interruption of data flow.
Environment Monitoring
Server Room Environment Monitoring

There perhaps isn’t a better example of the need for monitoring than in IT / Server Room and Data Center environments. We all know how sensitive Servers, Switches, Blade Centers and other Network Infrastructure are to temperature changes, airflow, water presence, and voltage fluctuations.

The hardware:

We offer complete and fully customizable/ scalable solutions by AVTECH to monitor server rack temperatures/humidity and most importantly, alert you in case unfavorable environmental conditions occur in your server room, data center or any other critical area you wish to monitor.

UPS Solutions
  • 1 to 30 KVA On-Line UPS
  • Batteries Load/Autonomy Study
  • Vertical Cabinets